What Is Your Calling?

Finding our way can take twists and turns we never see coming.

Over the past 3 years, I have been working on a shift in my work.  When I relocated from California to North Carolina, I left a thriving commercial interior design business.  I had great clients and great work but I was at a place in my life where I was hungry for change. I was in love with a man who lived on the other side of the country so I said goodbye to my home, my clients, my business, and my friends and off I went.  

I thought I would continue working in commercial design instead of building a new business,. I would simply get a job with one of the great design firms in Raleigh. I had 25+ years of experience. Someone would want me to work with them, right?  Wrong!  The universe had something else in mind for me.  I applied for jobs and promptly blew every interview, and then my mother had a stroke and passed away.  I was stunned, confused. and the executor of her estate.  By the time I had finished up the majority of work surrounding mom’s estate, I had sold 3 homes and 3 pieces of land in a year. It felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. I was good at real estate, and wow people could make good money if they took care of their real estate.  I decided I wanted to help people with real estate. If I did it correctly, I could help them build their long term wealth with real estate as one of their retirement strategies and I could bring design along with me for the ride! Eureka!!  Well, it’s not that easy to start a whole new career in a new area where you don’t know anyone and building a business takes TIME!  Patience isn’t one of my virtues.

Did I incorrectly interpret the signs I was receiving?  I don’t think so, I love helping people with real estate and I am good at it - I’m just not as great at marketing.  And then there is interior design… it is my calling. It is in my DNA. I fell in love with design when I was 12 and people trust me with design way more than they trust me with real estate.  How can I do both? Luckily, I met a great group of women teachers within Boldheart who are helping me become the type of marketer and business woman that I aspire to be.

In some ways I feel like I am back at square one.  After a very busy first part of 2019 helping both real estate and interior design clients, my business is very quiet. I am working on my interior design website, updating my real estate website with more of a focus on design, and trying to rebuild again. Sometimes I feel like if I don’t get focused I am going to lose the plot. Other times, I believe I am focused and I am working towards my goals of helping people in my special real estate/interior design way. I know there is more ahead for me and for the people I am meant to help.    

What is your calling?  Do you love two careers?  Is it confusing for you at times?     

Jean Mathieson is an Interior Designer and Realtor® living and working in Holly Springs, North Carolina.